The Cosmopolitan built in 2007 has much to offer.

This 100 million plus project was built with much anticipation.  I consider their sell-out in 2005 to be one of the last projects to really benefit from the reservation frenzy.  The developer Morteson Construction worked with Miller Condominium Marketing to elicit full price sales, upgraded unit packages and an incredible amount of demand for the 253 available units.

The first 8 floors of the 34 story building is home to retail and parking for the residents.  There are a total of 270 spaces.  At the time of sale, additional parking was being sold between $25,000 t0 $35,000.  The 253 condominium units start on the tenth floor one level above the 9th floor amenities.  Those 9th floor amenities include a business center, owners lounge, spa and exercise facilities.  The projects design was a combination of Mithun Architects + Designers + Planners and structural engineers Cary Kopczynski and Company.